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ATSwins has won in 12 of the last 13 weeks, winning nearly 170 units the last 13 weeks. Over 20 years in business and growing stronger every day. Won nearly 260 units last 18 weeks to close 2011 football season.
At the helm of ATSwins is Jordan Runco. As one of the number one sports investing firms in North America, ATSwins has been a pioneer in the gaming industry for the past two decades. The unique combination of providing the most accurate selections in the industry along with top-notch customer service, has made ATS Consultants the first choice among individual bettors who are serious about generating a long-term return on their investment. Founded by Jordan Runco and Bob Chase along with a handful of investors in 1991, ATS’s mission and vision from its inception was to not only provide investors with crucial decision-making information that is not available to the general public and oddsmakers alike, but to lead the industry in the only thing that matters; proven results. The average person who wagers on sports is usually correct in their picks around 50 percent of the time, even after crunching all the numbers with current and past trends. Statistics, facts, and figures alone are not enough to generate a decent return on your wagers. ATSwins recognized this from the start and decided to make the investment of time, energy, and money into developing betting systems that would far exceed this percentage. Through the use of advanced technology to effectively process an incredible wealth of information that is available, ATS has risen to the top of the industry with an unparalleled win rate on all of its selections lifetme. The current landscape of the sports arena continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace, so that is why ATS as made the commitment to provide the most accurate and reliable services to our clients to constantly keep them ahead of the curve. Its lofty status in the industry has not been achieved by taking shortcuts. A high success rate can only be achieved through hard work, organization, and investing in the means to provide this quality information. These factors combined have helped thousands of clients surpass their financial objectives and goals for nearly two decades. ATS is a full-service sports wagering consultancy. It provides quality selections for football, basketball, baseball, and hockey as well as offering selection programs for horse racing, NASCAR, WNBA, CFL, and the AFL. These packages range from daily picks to season-long programs and are tailored specifically to a client’s personal needs.