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I have had only two losing season in pro football in my handicapping career. I have the best sources in the business thanks to more than 25 years as a sportswriter, handicapper and analyst.

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One day NCAA-F of Stephen Nover

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College presents opportunities that the NFL doesn't where sometimes you can actually find line value.

I've beaten the colleges the past two years averaging 57.5 percent while hitting 64 percent in the bowls by combining many handicapping factors such as matchup analysis, statistics, history, weather and situational elements. Information is the key because there are just so many teams and conferences on the betting board now.

I don't rule out any game or conference. It's a task to find the time to adequately handicap each game. So I'm fortunate that I have many sources to rely on. Many stem from having been a sportswriter/sports editor for daily newspapers in the Midwest, South and West for more than 20 years and having been the sports gaming writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal for 13 years while also having covered the UNLV football team as the team beat writer for several years.

I have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to win. I've won the past two years and I expect to turn a tidy profit again this season.

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Everybody has their different styles. My style is studying each game closely. I handicap the games 10 days in advance, making detailed notes that I check to update. Then when the lines come out, I'm ready to pick and choose my spots.

I'm not a shot-gunner. I'll pick my spots. This fits my comfort zone and bankroll. I incorporate matchup analysis, statistics, history but most of all situational aspects into my NBA 'capping. That's why handicapping the games so far in advance is crucial for me. I don't want to miss any potential situational edge.

This system has worked out well for me. I don't beat the NBA every year. But I've had far more winning seasons than losing ones. My long-term record is 209-165-10 on my last 384 games for 56 percent. My short term record is 11-6-1 on my last 18 plays, which all were in the playoffs and included finishing 5-0.

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Stephen Nover has owned the NFL turning a profit in 18 of the last 20 NFL seasons. Stephen even taught a football handicapping class at UNLV. The long-time pro won 69 percent of his NFL plays (48-21-5) in 2012, including going a perfect 8-0 in the playoffs. Stephen is a multiple Rotisserie league football champion and was an award-winning sportswriter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal for 13 years. He also worked for the legendary linesmaker Roxy Roxbury, who was the top oddsmaker in North America before retiring. Don't miss out. Lock in now and get all of Stephen's plays at a value price.

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Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 21, 2014
Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
  at  BOVADA
in 1d

Only once in their last eight games have the Vikings lost by more than seven points and that was an eight-point loss.

The Dolphins are beat up physically and in a bad place mentally with their playoff hopes realistically dashed and third-year head coach Joe Philbin almost certainly out after missing the postseason once again.

Miami has been outscored by 56 points during the past seven quarters. The Vikings, on the other hand, are an improving team showing spunk under defensive whiz Mike Zimmer. He has greatly improved Minnesota's defense. Teddy Bridgewater is showing better command of the offense. The Dolphins' pass rush has ground to a near halt recording just two sacks during the last two games, while facing 69 pass attempts.

The Dolphins are averaging just 3.3 yards per carry during their last 31 rushing attempts. They are not a big-play passing team either. So this is too high of a spread for them to cover.  

(Editor's note: Long-time pro Stephen Nover goes into the weekend having cashed 11 of his last 13 premium NBA plays and off a 2-0 NFL week. Don't miss any of Stephen's big winners, including his Signature 100-Dimer on an NFL Sunday game. Stephen has cashed better than 70 percent of his career 100-Dimers helping him turn a profit 18 of the last 20 years in the NFL.)  

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Dec 18, 2014
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors
  at  5DIMES
Play Type: Top Premium

Golden State has won 16 of its last 17 and are eager to start a new winning streak after losing on Tuesday at Memphis. The Warriors are 8-1 at home, winning their last six there.

The Warriors have no flaws. They rank No. 1 defensively and are sixth offensively.

Oklahoma City is not all the way back despite going 7-1 since Kevin Durant returned. The Thunder have played an extremely easy schedule since Durant has been back facing opponents who were a combined 50 games under .too. They also caught the Cavaliers without LeBron James, Kings without DeMarcus Cousins and Suns without Goran Dragic.

In a few weeks, the Thunder may very well be as good as Golden State, but right now the Warriors are better even without Andrew Bogut especially when factoring in home-court.


Sports gaming writer for Las Vegas Review-Journal 1984-1997. Professional handicapper since 1999. Author of three books - Las Vegas Sportsbeat, Sportsgaming Beat, Winning Fantasy Football. Taught sports betting at UNLV. Former co-host of the Sunday Night Stardust Line sports gaming radio show. Was part-time oddsmaker and analyst for Roxy Roxborough. Recognized NFL expert with 18 of 20 winning seasons.