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Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Oct 23, 2014
Connecticut vs. East Carolina
East Carolina
Play Type: Premium

Taking ECU here. This is a ton of points to lay. I get it. Part of me just wants to play the under here. Connecticut is bad. Play old bad. They can't score (12ppg good for 124th ). Huskies have zero big play potential. They lost at Tulane 12-3. That isn't a score from their Lacross team either. Yes, the defense is decent. But coming into this place vs a team averaging 40ppg is a big challenge. ECU averaging 57ppg last 5 at home. Forget about scoring 57. I can't see Huskies getting to 16. ECU QB Carden is completing 66% of his passes with 16 TDs and 4 INTs. ECU is #3 in total yards on offense, Huskies #17 in total yards defense, but still give up nearly 26ppg. Pirates need wins to stay ahead of Marshall if they want to crash a decent bowl. Temple, BYU and Boise put up 36, 38, 35 at UConn. Sorry, but those offenses aren't on this level. And those games were home for Connecticut. 48-14 seems about right. 4* Money Maker EAST CAROLINA 

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 23, 2014
San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos
Play Type: Top Premium

Taking the BRONCOS here. We cashed nicely with the Broncos Sunday night and faded away on SD as KC was our Top 10*. We will come right back on Denver here. SD has covered 8 straight here. But I will buck that trend. This is for first place in the West. Do you really think that Manning is the type of guy who reads his press clippings? So he set a TD record? Do you think that will stop him from prepping here, short week or not? I think SD was exposed last week. Yes, they beat Seattle at home and play Denver tough. But this Denver team is clicking right now. SD is banged up in the secondary. Who is stopping Demaryius Thomas? The guy has 500 yards and 5 TDs the last 3 weeks! RB Hillman has been a great spark plug for Denver. Too many weapons here. Rivers can sling it, and the trends point to a SD cover. But with Miller and Ware, I think Denver can get to Rivers, who will force some things. Chargers run game led by Oliver, won't be able to keep Manning and friends off the field. 5* Best Bet DENVER BRONCOS


Top NCAA-B Picks (+2281)  127-96  L223 57%

NCAA-F Sides (+2064)  122-93  L215 57%

Top Basketball Sides (+2028)  147-117  L264 56%

MLB Picks (+2016)  290-281  L571 51%

Football Picks (+1751)  275-236  L511 54%

Top All Sports Sides (+1554)  157-130  L287 55%

NFL Totals (+1117)  22-10  L32 69%

NFLX Picks (+658)  33-24  L57 58%

NBA Totals (+321)  24-19  L43 56%


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