John Anthony John Anthony
Wednesday's Big Play from The City of Broad Shoulders Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs on WGN at 8:05 EST ***Guaranteed to Win***
Born and raised on the streets of the Chicago's rough-and-tumble south side, John got his start in his sports career early; playing pick up football games in the street. A successful high-school career in nearly led him to a professional career; but an injury prevented him from continuing on to college ball.

Instead, he turned to the underlying passion that was the only other riveting attribute in his life - sports handicapping.

For more than 20 years, John has built his reputation AND bankroll by finding those certain intangibles that matter most, while becoming one of the most prolific and successful sports bettors in Las Vegas.

And with years of knowledge on his dossier, John brings his experience and winning reputation to the World Wide Web.

And while most handicappers are interested in talking about age-old championships, John's interest, like yours, remains the exact same thing it was some 20-plus years ago - making money.

And there's no easier way to profit than to buy John's winning plays every day.