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Hawks cash in...Friday's releases up soon...***ALL RELEASES are from my "Algorithm Power Ratings" (APR) See below for full details.***
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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 28, 2016
White Sox vs Orioles
White Sox
+120 at pinnacle
Play Type: Top Premium

Generating a 76% chance of winning. This has an Algorithm Power Rating of 75*.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Apr 28, 2016
Hawks vs Celtics
-1½ -115 at BMaker
Play Type: Premium

Generating a 62% chance of covering. This has an Algorithm Power Rating of 20*.


 Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.  Jamie Tursini has been a professional handicapper/sports bettor since 1999. 

 After years of determination, hard work, help, and trial seasons.  I've DEVISED and PERFECTED my own set of "Algorithm Power Ratings" (APR's). Uniquely tailored individually and specifically for (Point Spreads, Totals, Money Lines etc.) use in the NFL, College Football, CFL, NBACollege Basketball, MLB, NHL (starting 2016-17) MMA, and Boxing. (starting July)

 The APR's generate the True Odds/Money Lines etc. helping to determine the Edges needed.  NOTE: You will not find me releasing -$200, -$300 money lines etc.

  Here, you simply will be offered the STRONGEST RESULTS the APR'S generate within the established designated parameters .

They must generate a minimum 60% chance of WINNING!

% Chance to Win/Cover     Algorithm Power Rating      Individual Game Price

             60-64%                             APR 20*                              $19.95

             65-69%                             APR 30*                              $24.95

             70-74%                             APR 50*                              $34.95

             75-79%                             APR 75*                               $39.95

             80%-UP                            APR 100*                             $49.95

 If you're looking for analysis on each game you're in the wrong place. Sports betting is all about identifying the weak spreads/money lines etc. 

 For analysis that can be explained for taking Team A.  Another equally convincing analysis can be made for taking Team B. 

 Here you will be given the  APR's that are produced. Allow them to do the work for you!

Thank you, Jamie Tursini