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Carlo Campanella is a professional sports and horse racing analyst who has worked on BOTH sides of the gaming industry. After earning his degree in Business Administration, Campanella has held some of the most prestigious positions in the gaming industry. Over the past 15 years he's worked as a sports book director, race book manager and jockey agent. He's also been on the other side of the betting window- as a professional handicapper- providing selections & sports analysis on the radio, television and Internet for all major sports & horse racing events, such as the Kentucky Derby, NBA Finals and the Super Bowl.

Campanella's gaming experience has lead him to a  SELECTIVE handicapping approach, only offering 1-2 wagers each day on his highest-rated games. "Betting is about winning money, it's not how many games you bet, it's how many you win," Campanella states. "If you want to beat the bookmakers, you can't bet for action, you must be disciplined and only wager on your best 1 or 2 bets per day." Campanella's selections are for BIG bettors that are looking for one, or two, games each day that can be bet with confidence and make long term profits. The Iron Horse knows about winning. He's won handicapping contests in both football and horse racing, including the $2,500 BRIS Handicapping Challenge and the $5,000 Aqueduct handicapping contest hosted by Northfield Park in 2013. Campanella is called "The Iron Horse" due to his incredible winning runs, including his most profitable streak during the 2003 Basketball season, when he opened the NBA Playoffs on a DOCUMENTED 18-2 streak! 

Campanella currently provides sports information, game analysis and guaranteed picks for all major sports events, specializing in NFL & College Football, NBA & College Basketball and Horse Racing for major stakes races and U.S. tracks. Campanella's gaming industry experience, education and selective handicapping style have made him one of the most respected and trusted sports handicappers since 1992!


20* Game of the Years- Highest Rated plays for each conference, division, etc. Suggested bet is 2 Units.

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