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Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Nov 01, 2014
Duke vs. Pittsburgh
  at  BMAKER
in 16h

10* graded play on the Pittsburgh Panthers as they take on the Duke Blue Devils in ACC Conference action set to start at 12:00 PM ET.   The simulator shows a high probability that Pittsburgh will win this game by more than 6 points over the 24th ranked Duke. Pitt knows that if they win this game they have a great shot at running the table and finishing the season at 8-4 and entertain some much bigger bowl games than their current 4-4 record would reflect now. Supporting this graded play is a proven system posting a 46-19 ATS mark for 71% winners since 1992. Play on any team (PITTSBURGH) that is an excellent rushing team averaging >=4.8 YPR and is now facing a team with a poor rushing defense allowing between 4.3 to 4.8 YPR and after allowing 275 or more rushing yards last game. Further, 38% of these games covered the spread by 7 or more points. This marks the first time since the mid-19050's that a Duke football team has been ranked in consecutive seasons. This team does have experience in numbers from last year's first appearance in the top-25 since the 1994 season. Over my 23 seasons of handicapping games, I have seen unranked teams FAVORED at home over a ranked team and there is a reason for this whether hidden or fully apparent. Check it out the remainder of the season and see how the results reflect this simple observation. The biggest reason I see Pitt winning this game easily is their very strong ground attack that ranks 34th in the nation averaging 209 yards-per-game. Duke has not be able to stop the run consistently this season ranking a miserable 98th in the nation allowing 203 yards-per-game. Duke has it's own very strong ground attack, but the Pitt defensive front is much more talented and will be able to contain them forcing them into numerous third-and-long situations. Don't be misled by Duke's 4th best ranking in scoring defense at 15.5 PPG as they also rank 105th in red zone scoring defense allowing 90% of opponent possessions to put numbers up on the scoreboard. The reason most evident is the that DUke has had a significantly weak SOS and now they face a stiff competitor that can win both sides of the LOS. Take Pittsburgh. 

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Oct 30, 2014
Florida State vs. Louisville
Florida State
Play Type: Top Premium

15* graded play on Florida State as they take on Louisville in NCAAF action set to start at 7:30 PM ET.  The simulator shows a high probability that FSU will win this game by 7 or more points. I also like FSU and the 'over' for a 5* parlay. A more conservative option is play a 15* play on FSU and a 10* play 'over' with no play on the parlay. Much has been said about the manner that FSU has won games and how 'fortunate' they have been to remain undefeated and ranked second in the polls. However, Louisville enters this game unranked and with 2 losses. Further, they have had a weaker SOS than FSU based on the opponents faced. Louisville lost at UVA23-21 and were installed as 4 point road favorites. They also lost at Clemson 23-17 and covered as 9 point road dogs. Louisville ranks very high in the defensive rankings nationally, but again it was done against a far weaker schedule than any SEC ranked team has faced. I mention the SEC as a solid comparison to the athleticism and team speed tat FSU brings to any game they play. In my opinion, FSU has yet to put even 1/2 half of football together at max levels and output. They showed signs of it last week in their 'lucky' win over Notre Dame. FSU was completely dominated in the first half on both sides of the LOS and then made adjustments and completely dominated ND immediately at the start of the second half with near execution perfection on display. What changed at the half, was that Winston significantly cut down the time he held the ball and was getting rid of quickly, in rhythm, and highly accurate. I know Louisville ranks second in scoring defense at 13.7 PPG and best allowing 238 opponent yards per game, and best at just 3.5 YPP allowed, but they have not faced a team like FSU yet this season. Despite, the media attention on FSU being a ranked fraud of sorts, they do rank 12th in the nation with a 0.535 points per play ratio. This is a critical measure of a team's offensive efficiency. This also points out that this ratio also includes the sloppy possessions where the execution is far below average. By deduction then, it magnifies just how incredibly efficient and unstoppable the offense becomes when executing with focus and attention to details. The latter is what I expect to see throughout the entire game. By comparison, Louisville ranks a dismal 89th with a 0.345 PPP ratio and I am confident the FSU defense will do very well in containment and force Louisville to earn their way to the end zone; eliminating the flash vertical score form Louisville's arsenal. Take FSU.


Top All Sports Sides (+3046)  679-634  L1313 52%

NHL Picks (+2641)  88-74  L162 54%

NFL Sides (+2571)  68-39  L107 64%

Top Football Sides (+2374)  429-375  L804 53%

Top NCAA-B Sides (+2166)  462-408  L870 53%

NCAA-F Picks (+1713)  28-10  L38 74%

Top MLB Picks (+1414)  223-230  L453 49%

Top Basketball Picks (+719)  67-56  L123 54%

Top NFLX Sides (+395)  16-11  L27 59%

Top NBA Picks (+312)  32-27  L59 54%


John Ryan has been handicapping baseball, football, and basketball for over 18 years. He has won several National contests and has placed in top-5's in countless others. John's philosophy and goals is based on the long-term, and he has found that over time consistency is what promotes success. The key to utilizing our computer generated algorithms, information and selections are to consistently investing the same amount on each selection. This process will ensure that our bankroll and our clients will maximize their investment return. Moreover, the entire methodology eliminates the human emotion from all selection processes. Our computer systems are based on genetic algorithms and an adaptive-structure Neural Network. In summary, our systems calculate and analyze several hundred thousand pieces of data in combination with one another for each game played. The systems also optimize our combination of rules and utilize "team momentum" much like one would do in the technical analysis of a stock or soybean prices. Much like the commodities markets we have applied a "contrarian view" as one of the rules. For example, if a given trend in any sport is posting a 15-2 ATS, then the model will immediately make note that this trend has matured and that a reversal of this trend is likely. If the computer selects the team that does not support this given trend, the 15-2 trend will actually be supportive of the selection. The relative and key differences in opponents are then presented in the selection write-up. The write-up will state why we have selected a given team and will outline the various statistics and trends supporting that selection. We believe that our information is unique and informative and hopefully as profitable as the previous years have been. The key is giving us an honest try and staying with the methodology. Thank you again for your support and good luck.