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Mike Lineback has been a full-time professional handicapper for 15+ years. In 2003, Mike started Mike Lineback Sports and quickly established himself as one of the best handicappers in the industry. Mike's Focus and strength lies in his ability to pick winners in NBA, MLB, NFL & College Football. He has won numerous documented titles & contests - both individual sport & All Sports Titles (2X). He brings over 20 years of handicapping experience to the table every day for his growing membership. Our goal is to make our clients successful. We release only our best plays and only if we find value in the line. Honest and ethical practices and guaranteed winning picks is the backbone of our sports service. We look forward to earning your trust and providing you with a winning experience. Note: Teasers, team totals, first half bets, parlays etc. are not graded by the network (sofware not available). As a result, they will be released as Bonus picks only. Plays are the same we wager on and are part of our long term success formula. Our Premium Rating System: 1 unit plays = Action plays = not to exceed 1% of your bankroll. This wager, on occasion, may be upgraded later in day. 2, 3 & 4 unit plays = Regular Premium Plays = 2, 3 & 4% of bankroll respectively. 4.5 unit plays = 4.50% of bankroll = 'BEST BET' 5 unit plays = 5% of bankroll = 'POWER PLAY' **The term 'BEST BETS' is also used when referring to both our 4 1/2* and 5* picks in combination. 'Speaking from Experience' 1. Make sure you have a reasonable bankroll. This amount should be money you can afford to lose--not the rent money. There is a saying, 'Scared money never wins' and it's true. 2. Try to limit the amount of plays you wager on. Think quality over quantity. If you have to play set yourself up with an 'Action Bankroll.' I have a seperate bankroll for fun bets, parlays etc. 3. Never chase your losses. 4. Don't be afraid to pass on a game. Sometimes your best plays are the ones you don't make. Use you action bankroll if necessary. 5. Take a periodic break from Sports gambling, especially if you're in a slump. 6. Think long term. 'Sports gambling is a marathon, not a sprint.'