Bob Harvey Bob Harvey
My NCAAB streak is slowed but we're still 54-29 L83, +2193 units and well ahead of the field. Today it's the Elite Eight and NHL!

Harvey Sports Consulting is now in its 25th year in the sports investment business and has earned national recognition from his clients and peers for his consistent winning results. In 2012, Harvey won the Boyd Gaming NFL handicapping title with +2053 units, nearly 500 more than the second-place finisher. Bob's career as a journalist sets him apart from most handicappers. Harvey has spent 40 years as a sports radio broadcaster and sportswriter. That experience alone sets him apart from the plethora of handicappers who lack Bob's "chops" in this business. With Bob Harvey, your days of chasing or using questionable money management systems are over. Bob will help with the discipline problems that sideline even the best sports bettor. Bob can help in those areas and that’s why this business is so much more than just making a selection. By signing up with Bob, he'll give you those daily plays but he'll help you control or even chase away those deadly demons. Sure it’s ultimately about making money and showing a profit, but there’s so much more involved. If you don’t have discipline or money management skills it won’t matter if you hit 75% of your games you’re still going to lose. Bob has “been there and done that” and finally some 20 years ago decided “enough is enough” and put it all together. He’s asking for the opportunity to share that with you. There are very few handicappers in this business who can say (and the documented numbers will prove) that he’s excelled in all major sports, year around for over 20 years! Bob Harvey has hit CONSISTENTLY in the 55-62% range in EVERY major sport. From the gridiron (NFL and CFB) to the NBA and College basketball, Bob has DELIVERED from the inception of his company. He’s been a winner across the board and he’s done it with a work ethic that is second to none. As someone recently said, “Bob Harvey has worked 25 years to become an overnight success” in the handicapping world. I’m certain his clients around the world would agree too. Bob has clients WORLD WIDE. Join those happy winners today in our ongoing "Pursuit of Profits".